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DTR / DTR B swing-door drives

Accessibility and comfort even for noise-sensitive areas

Automatic closing is desirable with fire and smoke protection doors. However, a closed door always represents an obstruction. Nevertheless, convenience and accessibility can only be ensured if the door is easy to open. Automatic swing-door drives from the GU Group ensure secure closure yet allow convenient access via the radar motion sensor, push-button or access control system. Entrance doors in the facade can also make use of the benefits of the swing-door drive: when combined with multi-point locking, burglar protection and escape route safety are equally possible as well as ensuring accessibility.


High-performance on standard and fire protection doors


The electromechanical swing-door drive DTR is suitable for use on outside doors in facades and on inside doors made from aluminium,
timber or steel – as well as for subsequent automation. It is also especially quiet, and in terms of accessibility this makes it ideal for use in areas that are particularly sensitive to noise. High-performance on standard and fire protection doors. Both drive variants are available either with pull-open or pushopen slide rail or with push-open scissor-action arm. The double-leaf version is also equipped with integrated mechanical closing sequence control. The drives are type-tested by TÜV according to DIN 18650/EN 16005 and approved for use on fire protection doors by DIBt (German Institute of Building Technology) (DTR B).

Convincing in detail:

  • Robust electromechanical swing-door drive
  • Adjustable wind pressure function
  • Tap / Push & Go function can be activated
  • For use on fire protection doors, closer sizes EN4 – EN6
  • Integrated mechanical closing sequence control for double-leaf systems
  • Outstandingly quiet – suitable for noise-sensitive areas
  • Motor locks such as BKS series 19, SECURY Automatic with
    A-opener, electric strikes and safety sensors can be connected
  • Type-tested by TÜV and certified to DIN 18650 / EN 16005.
  • The DTR B drive is approved by DIBt for use on fire protection

Tech­ni­cal details

Description DTR DTR B

For use on fire and smoke protection doors









Push-open version: slide rail or scissor action arm



Pull-open version: slide rail






electromechanical and with spring force

Dimensions: 1-leaf (W x H x D)

780 x 85 x 124 mm

Dimensions: 2-leaf (W x H x D)

Distance between hinges x 108 x 126 mm

Opening angle

max. 115°

Axle extension

15 and 30 mm

Scissor-action arms for lintel depths in mm

0...120, 100...220, 210...330

Slide rail

+/- 10mm

Opening time

3 - 20s

Closing force in accordance with EN 1154

size 4 - 6

Power supply for external accessories

24 V DC, 1 A

Performance in inactive state

13 W


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