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Hold-open sys­tems in accor­dance with EN 1155

Though incon­spi­cuous during eve­r­yday use, they are indis­pensable when serious danger is pre­sent: elec­trical hold-open sys­tems are part of preventa­tive fire pro­tec­tion. Their task is to keep legally-pre­scribed fire barriers in escape and rescue routes open, especi­ally fire and smoke pro­tec­tion doors. They do this so effici­ently that many people pass through the door during eve­r­yday ope­ra­tions wit­hout noticing it. When fire breaks out on the other hand, an inte­g­rated smoke detector trig­gers the system and the door closes automati­cally thus preven­ting the spread of smoke gases and fire to adja­cent rooms and buildings.


App­li­ca­tion areas
Fire barriers in escape and rescue routes such as fire and smoke pro­tec­tion doors. These doors are normally used in kindergar­tens, hospi­tals, schools, hotels and residen­tial homes for the elderly. In addi­tion to fire pro­tec­tion, their pur­pose is to pro­vide barrier-free access to children, elderly per­sons and per­sons with disabili­ties. As a whole they the­re­fore ensure a smooth flow of public and goods traffic during daily ope­ra­tions.

You will receive the fol­lowing ver­sions:

RSM smoke switch module

  • Tested and approved by DIBt (German Insti­tute of Building Enginee­ring)
  • For supp­lying elec­tricity to all compon­ents of a hold-open system (hold-open device, electrome­cha­nical hold-open magnet, fire detector, smoke release push-button and other ele­ments)
  • With inte­g­rated power supply and release mecha­nism
  • With inte­g­rated smoke switch
  • With LED status dis­play (ope­ra­tion or alarm / fault / soiling)
  • Cover in GU design, to match AD-OTS 73x cover
  • Installa­tion on the frame/lintel
  • Installa­tion height: 36 mm


A hold-open system con­sists of the fol­lowing compon­ents

  • at least one fire detec­tion ele­ment for smoke and heat detec­tion, the ORS 142 or ORS 142 W optical smoke switch, for example
  • one power supply unit for energy supply, the NAG 03 power supply and tripping unit, for example
  • a tripping unit to ini­tiate the clo­sing ope­ra­tion, the NAG 03 power supply and tripping unit, for example
  • a sur­face-mounted/flush-mounted manual tripping device as inter­rupter
  • a hold-open device that holds the clo­sing barrier open, for example

    • an electrome­cha­nical hold-open device inte­g­rated into the slide rail (FE-OTS 73x or FE-VTS 735)
    • an inte­g­rated hold-open system (OTS 73x FL or VTS 735 FL)
    • a hold-open magnet (electroma­gnetic)


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